Patient Gowns

Dignity and comfort are the hallmarks of our patient gown collection, which includes IV/telemetry and bariatric options, a wide variety of fabrics, and attractive unisex prints.

Product Size Weight Per Case Stock #
V-neck patient gown, overlap style 60" sweep 64 lbs. 702-PGV
Overlap patient gown, blue/gray checked design 58" sweep 64 lbs. 702-PGFL
Economy patient gown, white with navy print 58" sweep 38 lbs. 702-PGECO
Back tie patient gown 58" sweep 54 lbs. 702-PGBT
Twill patient gown, white with navy floral print 60" sweep 101 lbs. 702-PGTWL
Exam patient gown, side ties closures, black/blue diamonds 65" sweep 102 lbs. 702-PGEXAM
Twill patient gown, blue stripe and snowflake print 80" sweep 96 lbs. 702-PGTWLBL
Twill patient gown, overlap style, solid sky blue 67" sweep 101 lbs. 702-PGBLUE
Telemetry V-neck patient gown, with pocket and snaps, blue/black diamonds 66" sweep 61 lbs. 702-TG
IV patient gown, snaps, green/gray diamonds with gray stripes 80" sweep 114 lbs. 702-PGIVGY
IV twill patient gown, green stripe/blue snowflakes with pocket 80" sweep 114 lbs. 702-PGIVGR
Bariatric IV gown, green basket weave print 104" sweep 156 lbs. 702-PGIVBARI
Bariatric patient gown, blue with diamonds print 107" sweep 155 lbs. 702-PGBARI
XL patient gown, 10 XL, green square/stripe pattern 110" sweetp 106 lbs. 702-PG10XLGR